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IPIA is focused on the needs of small and medium-sized companies. We are specialised in design and administration of websites and webplatforms. Also we have a deep know-how on how to make use of open source software to enrich a network. It would be our pleasure to find a creative solution which eases your day-to-day business technologically.

  • You look for a suitable webrepresentation of your business which focuses on your uniqueness?
  • You want a website that is easy to edit, upload pictures, aso by yourself?
  • You want to benefit from our knowledge?
  • You want more out of your webappearance?
  • You want to optimise your resources and match them to your needs?
  • You would appreciate loosing less time with small IT problems and spend more time on what matters to your business?
  • You are fed up paying license fees for software that is not properly tailored to your needs?

☞ Then you found the right spot here with us!

We analyse your work environment, website, IT-network together with you to find a solution that leaves you the freedom to dedicate your precious time according to your choices.



The s3-Package simplifies the content management in the web.
  • homepage
  • knowledgebase
  • online magazine
  • much more

You like easy? ☞

IPIA testlab

Optimise your webpage for search engines. ☞

Get your products tested, your clients will appreciate. ☞

IPIA webhosting

IPIA webhosting offers solutions to simplify internet use for you.

s3-Package, easy-to-use CMS!

Get your own internet portal and build your ideas.

Make yourself at home on the internet. ☞

Why so favourable ?

The use of open source software solution dramatically decreases the cost of our services. Open source software is developed and maintained by a large community, often supported by foundations. This gives us high quality, top notch, license-free software to offer you. With us you pay tailoring and accomodation of those tools. In the end you pay only the part that concerns you and is to your personal benefit.

Open source means from people by people. Where profit has no major relevance, there the user is in the foreground.

IPIA Webhosting

Our Webhosting solutions contain an easy-to-use CMS which allows our clients effortless updates by themlselves. Cut out the middle man, gain

Our offers:

  • Online gallery
  • Individual websolutions
  • Portals
  • Email
  • Workflow-tools
  • TYPO3

The s3-Package allows you simple, fast and convenient modifications of its content. So its actuality is in your hand. Get more information about our s3-Package.

IPIA design Lab

IPIA design lab

Our design lab creates and implement.
  • logos
  • colour concepts
  • user-friendly layouts

Impression is not about just what you see. ☞

The IPIA design Lab unleashes its creativity flow on your behalf. Dreaming of a logo that no one gets off his mind? Do you wish your website intuitively graspable, modern, and inspired by your imagination?

We create and design a representative logo for you. We deliver balanced webdesigns, weblayouts, and sophisticated gimmicks for your website.

Search Engines as Marketing Platform

SEM/SEO are methods to enhance the visibility of a webpage in the internet, specifically seen through the eye of the search engine.

When does an interested client tend to contract your competition even if you have the better offers?

- In the case he does not know about your products and services…

Increase your web-visibility and get a professional analysis of your web-presence by IPIA.

IPIA Infrastructure Solutions

IPIA infrastructure solutions

Suitable solutions for SMEs, tailored to your needs.
  • networks
  • OSS customisation
  • cloud-computing

IT should never sell you down the river.☞

We offer diverse help, consulting and repair services for computers and IT-networks. A well matched combination of hard- and software boosts any old network architecture, IPIA Infrastructure solutions.

Expert Know-How / Bodyleasing

Benefit from our OSS knowledge and experience, IPIA experts / bodyleasing .

IPIA Testlabs

You want to know / make sure things work the way they should, you like to minimise risks imposed by malfunction? Contact us, we do thorough testing, .

  • Crossplatform testing
  • Efficiency testing
  • Functionality testing
  • Beta test user pool
  • Crossbrowser testing
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