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Basic Layouts

A website is structured in several elements of a basic layout, such as:

  • logo
  • tools
  • navigation (navi)
  • content
  • footer

Those elements can be arranged according to your request.

Basic layout 1

Basic layout 2

  • horizontal navigation

Basic layout 3

  • horizontal navigation

Basic layout 4

  • horizontal navigation
  • content 2 may be externally loaded content
    • advertising

Basic layout 5

Basic layout 6

If you haven't found your layout to start with amongst our basic layouts, please do not hesitate to send us your very own ideas via e-mail. Everything is possible.


Find more suggestions on the web here.

Modular Business 1

Modular Business 01

  • navigation left
  • elegant gray
  • image wall with holes

Adora Dark


Florence Vahl

Florence Vahl

  • suitable for a blog
  • navigation on the right
  • tools on the right
  • content on the left

clean DH

clean DH

  • navigation top right
  • no logo or mood image
  • unobtrusive
  • tools in footer (small)
  • background solid colour (here white)

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